“If the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.” (Buckminster Fuller)

Estb. 1992

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"I’d like to see that dog get in here now"

(Gary Larson)


  • Galena Quarry Stone Walls:  natural layers of the dolomitic limestone (the most rugged look)


  • Galena Sawed or Split Walls:  split or sawed blocks of the same dolomitic limestone (more formal)


  • Anamosa Split Stone:  split, white limestone blocks from Anamosa, Ia


  • Wood Beams, Precast Concrete Blocks, Granite Field Stones, Restoration of Existing Walls




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Timp Landscaping, Inc.


3913 West Guilford Road (quarry)

Galena, IL


4492 North Elizabeth - Scales Mound Road (mailing)

Scales Mound, IL  61075


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Estb. 1992